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Yesterday, I bought my copy of Pokemon Black 2 and thought of all the fun I experienced, especially fighting and trading online. This led me to wonder, “Is it possible for Pokemon Black 2 to be played online in 2021?”

If you were a fan of playing online Nintendo DS games such as Mario Kart and Pokemon, you may already be aware that the Nintendo WFC closed down a few years ago. This meant it was no longer possible to play any Nintendo DS game online.

It might seem impossible but it didn’t stop my Google search. I did the Google search “Playing Pokemon Black on the internet in 2021”, and the first page to show up was an Reddit post on how to avoid Nintendo WFC’s closure.

Simply go to your Nintendo DS Connection Settings and change the DNS. Although it appeared to be too easy and easy to be true, it did work when I tried link ds rom pokemon black 2 website I could trade Pokemon within the GTS as well as fight on the internet. It took a while to locate the right person. This also gives you the chance to get event Pokemon that are not currently available.

I’m glad that there are people with a brain out there that have the ability to find a solution for something that initially seems impossible. It’s still difficult to find players online to play with as the information isn’t widely available. I’m hoping this information gets out further so that we can have a healthy internet community for the fourth and fifth generation Pokemon games.

You can play Pokemon Black 2 Online in 2021. Make sure you spread the word!

P.S. This doesn’t work with all Pokemon Nintendo DS game, although I can play online using Black 2 & Heart Gold. However, I’m not able to play online with Pearl & Platinum.

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