Challenge of Embracing New Technologies: Why Employees Resist Them?

For any new technology there is always controversy and there is always some fear associated with it. I think that’s just the price of being first sometimes.
Hugh Grant

Businesses need to consistently reinvent their modus operandi to up skill their employees with emerging technologies. In this journey of driving and delivering change, employees could turn out to be recalcitrant in accepting new technologies.

So let’s look at why this happens along with possible solutions.

Many businesses have been found using archaic systems and legacy technology. Their workflows need to be revisited and the think tank needs to re-evaluate their business models that would result in fine tuning their workflows with emerging technologies for enhanced operational efficiency.

Businesses need to assess their appetite for investing in right technologies in terms of building the appropriate infrastructure that would deliver long term tangible results in the digital space. This process could involve investment in better infrastructure and other support functions which needs to be evaluated based on their merits and business benefit.

Technology cannot be a standalone entity and it needs to be integrated with the business processes and people. The HR and the leadership team needs to reinforce the criticality of new age technologies to the staff through positive communication for driving the change mindset.

The staff who carry out businesses processes need to be cross trained and cross skilled in new technology. The leadership team needs to provide the required training needed for the employees to equip themselves with the skill sets needed for the future.

There could be fear amongst employees that implementation of new technology could result in job loss leading to personal and social pressure. Businesses need to alleviate this fear by having regular interactive sessions with senior business leaders for building moral support and reinforcing employee well being.

It is not only the businesses but also the policy makers and governments that are keen on fostering change for betterment of society. With Covid 19 playing a damp squib, businesses need to work shoulder to shoulder with governments for making grounds on ending this digital deadlock.

We at Xforia technologies have a positive mindset for accepting and embracing change. We have an engaged team, which is future ready and capable of handling challenges with the right attitude and core competency.