Technology Adoption. Beyond Industry Borders

In the last decade, Communication Providers are converging with Media and Technology Enterprises. With ARPU reducing and a big investment needed for 5G, most communications providers are now getting ready to disrupt other industries through the relationships they have with their customers.

Digital Possibilities for Media and Telco Evolution

Our Technology, Media and Communication clients benefit from our diverse expertise in Digital 2.0, that includes Product Engineering, Field Services Management, Connected Solutions, Data Analytics, Intelligent Automation, and Conversational AI.

Technology, Media & Communication Segments

Media & Entertainment


Technology Providers

Solutions. Active In Sector Advances.

Field Services Management for Telcos provides more than 50% improvement in productivity levels

Integrated Product Engineering Solutions for Technology, Media and Communications providers

ServiceNow customizations/deployments for a single view of all delivery projects

Conversational AI to improve end customer experience

Automation of Member Enrollment Inquiries

Payer Analytics Solutions

Intelligent Automation of RCM processes like Insurance Benefits Verification and Provider Data Management