CIO Challenge

CIO Challenge – Modern Business Needs a New Kind of Tech Leader

A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way
John Maxwell

Businesses are faced with multiple challenges in the new digital landscape. CIOs are being charged with seamlessly integrating traditional business functions with some exciting technology innovations. The need of the hour is to look beyond the obvious and build a culture of innovation that can generate value through digital transformation.

79% of businesses are still in the early phases of their technological revolution.

CIOs need to have a well defined business strategy that clearly lays out the company’s scope of transformation. Some of these action items include:

1. Review the customer feedback reports and monitor customer-care calls to understand the issues faced by customers. This would help in customizing the services delivered based on client expectations for enhanced product offerings.
2. Look at revenue generating streams and take proactive measures to build products that have business impact.
3. Review strategic imperatives like Key Performance Indicators to measure success and understand the business implications.

In the tech industry, 50% of employees are new to business, and 80% of the workforce changed jobs.

New CIO leaders need to address this challenge by collaborating with business leaders across the organization. Understanding the issues faced by the team, identifying business priorities, gaining acceptance/expectations and building trust of the workforce are critical roles for CIOs in the transformation journey.

Some of the most successful Xforia CIO clients create a dedicated “Digital Transformation” War Room. They track the progress of the project and resolve issues quickly by understanding its root cause. These War Rooms highlight any risks that are identified and suggest appropriate mitigation tools for the transformation plans.

Companies may save up to 30% of their costs by enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the common challenges faced in digital transformation is the skill gap of the traditional teams. Xforia works alongside our CIO clients by revamping their internal training, recruitment and onboarding strategies:

1. Xforia Staffing provides a different talent sourcing service that can identify hard-to-find technology candidates and match them to your key positions in your digital transformation teams.
2. CIOs need to up-skill the internal teams and equip them with the skills of the future.
3. Create opportunities for vertical and horizontal career progression for building cross functional skills aligned to the key strategic business priorities.

Xforia Technology Solutions can be your partner that fosters a culture of digital transformation and innovation.