Cloud Computing: Empowering HR Functions

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Marc Benioff

The epiphanic moment has dawned on human resources functions like recruitment with the arrival of Cloud Computing (CC) technology. The archaic ways of HR recruitment are getting revolutionized at a blistering pace by SAP enabled Cloud Computing.

The old-style ways of posting job watch ads and screening candidates is a tedious and cumbersome activity. HR recruitment companies are fast embracing cloud computing to declutter this recruitment process and streamline their recruitment strategy. With the advent of cloud computing, recruiters can now review the applicant’s profile in a single application and provide online feedback which has resulted in enhanced efficiency of the recruitment process.

The widening communication gap between the staff and the senior management is a cause for concern for most companies. This leads to low employee morale, poor staff engagement levels, and plummeting performances. Thanks to Cloud Computing, businesses can now leverage online performance reviews for their staff on a regular basis and provide constructive feedback. This has resulted in reducing the communication gap between the hierarchies, by boosting employee morale leading to better productivity and inclusivity.

The legacy technology in HR functions does not provide end to end solutions for managing the new-age workforce. Hence there is a need to transform the disruptive modus operandi into scalable solutions that would help in reducing the capability gap. Cloud computing provides strategic business solutions through social networking that would help businesses to attract the right talent thereby giving them a competitive edge in the dynamic workplace. Cloud computing also provides real-time analytics through the dashboard, MI, etc., that helps in providing key insights that are data-driven for C level decision making.

Cloud systems can be connected through desktops, mobiles, and provide the flexibility to work from home and continue to remain digitally connected. Hence challenges faced due to working in different time zones and across multiple geographies can be mitigated with the help of CC. Cloud computing has also enabled HR businesses to reduce their administrative burden by integrating with other interface systems that have freed up the time and space needed to focus on value adds. The evolution of cloud computing has enabled HR businesses to focus more on people-centric business models and digitalizing the relevant processes.

Cloud computing also increases the turnover of companies by integrating cost-effective cloud solutions. The other important aspect of cloud computing is reducing the risk factors related to the data center and its infrastructure. Encrypting the cloud service and storage of confidential information in private storage will mitigate the risk of breach of cybersecurity and meet regulatory obligations.

Cloud Computing will be a game-changer in the way HR businesses manage their operations. Using the right technology will help the HR recruiters in aligning themselves to the objectives of the organization, onboard the right talent resulting in enhanced onboarding experience for the employees. Supplementary services like employee self-service would not only cut costs but also result in shortening the learning curve of the digital workforce.

There are HR consultancy firms that manage the workforce of other companies. These firms have adopted the cloud services to identify Hi-pos, better employees connect and foster an innovative organizational culture.

We at Xforia technologies leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of SAP cloud computing to provide client-centric solutions based on your business demand in the field of HR recruitment. We carry out digital requirements that provide candidates the leeway to attend them at their convenience. We are committed to building long term relationships through strategic engagements and robust solution delivery.