Collaborative Intelligence : Creating value with human and artificial intelligence

AI doesn’t have to be evil to destroy humanity – if AI has a goal and humanity just happens to come in the way, it will destroy humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it, no hard feelings
Elon Musk

Artificial Intelligence is making breakthroughs in walks of life and businesses need to undergo a change in their mindset by actively collaborating with AI for a growth-oriented future. The C level teams need to have regular communication with their teams and drive home the benefits that can be derived out of complementing AI. The managers need to connect with their staff and allay the fears of any potential job loss due to deployment of AI and have regular discussions on how humans need to join forces with AI agents in business operations. Let’s look at some of the ways by which businesses can collaborate intelligently for unleashing the exponential powers of AI and gaining a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

In order to get the best out of AI, businesses need to reimagine their business processes and identify their pain points for problem solving. This would also help in deep dive and throw more visibility about nagging issues which have been put on the back burner. Deployment of AI would help in building long term sustainable business solutions that can be used to achieve the desired business objectives. Businesses who are trying to build such advanced AI human interfaces need to revisit their recruitment strategy to hire candidates who can be trained in AI. The existing staff who do not have technical expertise needs to be identified for upskilling in Machine Learning and AI.

In order to work closely with machines, humans need to train machines to carry out specific tasks which are repetitive based on certain algorithms. Human trainers can provide support in improving algorithm based performance with the help of activities like data cleaning and image labelling that would help in mimicking human behaviours like social and emotional intelligence. Self help tools like chatbots helps in resolving customer queries by detecting the complexities of communication in subtle ways.

With the rapid development of AI, it’s becoming more and more important for humans to explain the decisions of AI that defy traditional outcomes. Experimental analytical techniques can be used on data models for providing explanations on decision making. Proper checks and balances need to be developed for validating any inappropriate outcomes. Humans need to oversee the functionality of AI and intervene whenever there is a deviation from the expected results. This would help in building a framework of sustenance around AI resulting in better trust and transparency.

Availability of large data sets poses significant challenges in manual collation, interpretation and decision making. Predictive Analytics of AI can be used for analysing large amounts of data sets from different channels for providing valuable insights with the help of statistical algorithms and Machine Learning techniques. This would help in unlocking senior management time and freeing up human potential for creative thinking and focussing on activities that need immediate attention. The data driven insights provided by AI can be leveraged for decision making and amplifying the value of data through co-learning. This would also result in heightened awareness leading to better job satisfaction for the employees and staff retention.

Human alliance with machines is a great combination which helps in better flexibility and augments the capabilities of humans with precision. Collaborative robots are deployed in industries like automobiles which reduces human fatigue by providing physical aid and boosting productivity. The personality based interactions between humans and AI is carried out through voice and natural language. This helps in balancing the workload and managing the operations effectively through user interaction. We at Xforia are committed to customer excellence and constantly strive to deliver scalable business solutions to our customers through digital innovation and niche products and services.