Contributing to a Sustainable Business Growth: IT Staffing

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
Paul J. Meyer

The need to secure and enhance employee productivity is a reality that companies cannot ignore. If you run a business, you’ll probably want to stop doing mediocre and everyday things. However, you will inevitably encounter factors that can diminish or extinguish employee motivation and reduce productivity.
Clearly, these productivity killers need to be mitigated. The first thing to do is to identify these factors. Therefore, the appearance and deterioration of these factors can be consciously prevented. If they already exist, you should be able to suppress them. However, evasion alone is not enough. A positive attitude is always desirable.

  • Eliminate Motivation Killers
    As mentioned earlier, you need to identify motivational killers in the workplace. Good managers find ways to closely monitor their work environment to look for problem areas that negatively affect employee motivation. Typically motivated murderers include toxic personalities, the abrasiveness of personality, lack of organizational vision, lack of professional development opportunities, poor communication systems, dictatorial management style, and lack of appreciation. Dealing with each of these requires different approaches, but there are ways to kill these motivation killers.
  • Motivation by Gamification
    Motivation is a very important factor in securing productivity. Unmotivated employees get bored, especially when dealing with monotonous routines. Similarly, unmotivated employees may not have the enthusiasm to complete challenging tasks. One effective way to motivate employees is to use gamification techniques. Tasks such as creating reports and providing ideas on project and policy changes can be gamed to make them more engaging, exciting, or interesting.
    Gamification uses badges, rewards, leaderboards or rankings, points, challenges, and other game elements to make repetitive and quantifiable tasks more attractive. Enterprise gamification platforms like Game Effective can be integrated with existing ERP, CRM, or other enterprise applications, and employees can use them to easily drive games. These can easily be deployed to add a “play” dimension to various aspects of business operations, such as sales or customer service.
  • Set clear goals and provide feedback
    Employers or employees are more motivated if they know what they are expected to achieve. Clearly stating goals or having a business vision provides direction for everyone. In particular, short-term goals are effective in encouraging employees to properly manage the speed with which they perform tasks to achieve their goals. In addition, it is important to provide feedback or indicate that employees are being monitored. Achievement should be recognized, but errors and failures in achieving the goal should be addressed promptly. Good management practices can increase and maintain employee productivity.
  • Do not lock down social media
    Employees utilize social media for a variety of reasons.
    Some people are taking a mental break, others are using social tools to support professional connections. However, strictly cracking down on social media platforms as a way to boost productivity can have serious moral injuries.
    Strict rules on social media send a message that they do not trust their employees. And these social media tycoons are not just killing time, they are also killing at work.
    Evolv’s research shows that social media “power users” are better on employees who multitask and are generally more productive and satisfied with their work.
  • Use technology responsibly
    Refusing to use technology can be considered a serious mistake for any business. There are many technologies that can greatly increase workplace productivity. Using technology is more than just having a computer and an Internet connection in your office. It is also important to research and use a variety of hardware and software solutions that can increase employee productivity.
    Some employees will get better results if they are allowed to work in a more comfortable location, such as at home. In other cases, travel is simply too expensive or time-consuming and teleworking, remote working are viable options.
    Improving mobility can break productivity barriers. With mobile devices, you can access work-related documents and information as well as communication and collaboration tools. However, it is important to keep the line between private and professional life from becoming too narrow. The work-life balance must be respected.
  • Set Standards and Provide Skills Development
    It is important for all businesses to establish standards. Employees must be familiar with what the company expects to form them. They need to know what is required of their assigned role. Set clear expectations to achieve the goal.
    In addition, we respond to employee aspirations by providing opportunities to develop skills and professional advancement. Management should expect that not all employees seek challenges and do not want to stagnate. It’s not enough to learn the skills needed to efficiently fulfill your current challenges. Understand what employees can do and help them move up to higher levels. If you don’t help your employees grow professionally, that may motivate them to look for a new company.
  • Effective communication
    Communication is definitely an important aspect of running a business. Without an effective communication system, it is difficult to achieve goals or even function properly. By the way, communication here is more than just the simple use of devices such as telephone and verbal and written information exchange. It concerns the design and use of communication systems tailored to the needs of business and enterprise.Effective and efficient communication means employees need to know the hierarchy and expertise within the company. They should know who to reach out for their concerns.Take advantage of the latest platforms and available applications from a tools perspective. Enterprise social networking tools such as Yammer make it easier for employees to contribute to the organization’s knowledge and help colleagues onboard. Cloud-based office suites such as Office 365 contribute to a culture of sharing and support across the enterprise.Maintaining and improving productivity in the workplace is not always easy to achieve, but can be summarized in simple concepts. There are three important things to remember. The need for employee motivation, the active involvement of managers, and the use of technologies and systems that help employees do their jobs more efficiently. With these concepts in mind, if you plan your way wisely, you are on the right track.

The benefits of increasing workplace productivity help to generate profits, reduce operating costs, maximize resources and improve customer service. Other notable things are increased employee involvement and an overall happy and healthy work environment.
Creative staffing services and solutions Texas has dedicated employees to put more effort and enthusiasm into their work, they are proud of what they are doing and are glad to be part of the team. This is not only economically beneficial but also reduces the likelihood that they will move to another company.
Improving productivity in the workplace is what every employer aims for, but it is not always the easiest thing. You need to motivate employees to work in the most efficient and most effective way possible. For that, you need the right strategy. Xforia introduces unique perspectives and inventive business consulting solutions that enhance our client’s approach to their projects.