How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Social connection is such a basic feature of human experience that when we are deprived of it, we suffer
Leonard Mlodinow

The unrelenting pandemic COVID 19 has transformed the work culture of businesses by getting people connected through digital work-space. Tech savvy businesses have reinvented themselves to this stark reality and the digital workforce needs to adapt themselves to this imposing phantasmagoria.

This new era of change has distanced people socially and got them digitally connected. Video conferencing apps like zoom , Skype have replaced the pre-covid meetings and huddles held with human interactions. People spend more time in meetings and video conferences which leads to stress, anxiety and psychological exhaustion. Let’s look at some of the ways by which zoom gloom can be handled.

Zoom Infographics

Schedule meetings at regular intervals. This ensures that there is no back to back meeting and would provide the brain with some breathing space.

Taking mini breaks like a quick walk once in a hour, looking away from the computer screens every ten to fifteen minutes would help reduce the stress level.

People work in different geographies and time zones and it’s essential to schedule the meetings keeping such variances in mind to avoid any burn outs.

Block zoom free sessions during non peak hours like Fridays and plan people engagement sessions like digital coffee sessions, happy hour etc..once in a week that would help maintain the human touch with people.

Respect differences and allow people to settle down with zoom meetings by giving them their space. Have a clear agenda and a shorter meeting – try not to preach to the converted. Try to zoom out like one on one discussions or feedback sessions through mobile for better people to connect. People who join video calls can try turning off their videos when they are not interacting with the group. This can also help in digital stress.

Xforia technologies have tried to keep pace with the inevitable zoom boom and still managed to keep our motivation levels intact through active people engagement and digital detox. We continuously strive to raise the bar and committed to delivering excellence to our customers by keeping their dreams alive.