Kickstart your career with Xforia

We are on a mission to make staffing work for everyone. At Xforia we specialize in talent solutions with a mission to positively impact people’s lives. At Xforia, we foster a culture of mutual support, shared values, and constant evolution. Join us to experience immense opportunities to advance your career while helping businesses excel in their growth.

Culture at Xforia

Digital Care Delivery

Xforia is a people focussed company. Every decision we make, this philosophy stands at its core.

Our success is made possible by our inclusive, open, and innovative culture, which encourages the growth of new ideas and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. Working at Xforia means being a part of this dynamic culture and contributing to our shared goal of amplifying human potential and creating new opportunities for individuals, businesses and communities.

Personal Well Being

We strongly believe that fostering the mind, body, and a sense of purpose in individuals, and teams, builds a more resilient workforce. Xforia’s I-HUB initiative offers a robust global employee support program designed to build resilience, provide customized solutions to handle stress and support employee’s mental health. Our employee support program provides professional help and impartial support on a wide range of work and personal concerns.

Xforians can work with their managers to create flexible work arrangements, such as, part or full-time, remote or hybrid models that work for them while still meeting the team’s needs and customer requirements.

Work-life balance: At Xforia, we ensure that our employees strike a right balance in both professional and personal front. We have dedicated recreation rooms equipped with a fully functional gym, media room, and game center in our HQ and regional offices.

We encourage and motivate Xforians to utilize the paid leaves and entitled leaves to spend quality time with their families.

Maternity leave benefits


As an organization, we understand the importance of investing in our people and their loved ones. At Xforia we encourage and motivate our employees to follow a healthy lifestyle with yearly fitness competitions with monetary incentives. Apart from this we ensure medical insurance for our employees and their family members. The plans we have in place are designed to support and enhance the quality of life of our employees.

In addition to outstanding care for our employees, Xforia is proud to offer a comprehensive, flexible, and competitive benefits program for eligible employees. Here are just a few of the great perks you’ll encounter through direct employment with us.

Fringe Benefits including Referral Bonuses

Service Awards Recognition

Non-Monetary Perks

Team Building Exercises


Financial Benefits

At Xforia we strongly believe in creating a stable future for our employees and their families. We foster a strong correlation between the financial perks we offer and the sense of security it brings to the personal lives of our team members with:

Voluntary and Company-Paid Benefits

Retirement Plan (401 (K))