ServiceNow: Reaching New Heights

“The 4 Ps for Change and Release: Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

Since 2003, ServiceNow helps to digitize your workflows and improves the productivity of your employees. Here are ten reasons your company is sure to benefit from ServiceNow:

The Speed of NOW

The NOW platform by ServiceNow combines state-of-the-art technology with inventive service solutions to carry out your processes, tasks, and activities quicker than ever. As soon as the platform is set up, most of your work is already complete, allowing maximum optimization in your organization’s services.

ServiceNow Store

Your company can benefit immensely from the ServiceNow Store since it’s an online application providing an entire marketplace for free and paid apps. These applications and their specifications are explicitly tailored for smooth running on the ServiceNow platform. You can deploy as many extra add-ons to increase the platform’s usability.

HI Self-Service Portal

You can use the HI Self-Service portal to monitor and submit requests, check your platform performance, and even manage the users. The Self-Service portal is like the center of all management tasks. It’s your one-stop for all IT service solutions and automations.

Versatility of ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides companies with a multitude of services regarding management solutions for different areas. Field service management lets you replace emails and spreadsheets with one seamless system, while finance service management is for solving problems on report and payroll. Apart from the standard IT service management solutions, there are also a bunch of security operations available.

Simple and Convenient

The simplicity and convenience of ServiceNow are undoubtedly the reasons why so many enterprises have opted for this service. There is minimal configuration that needs to be done for implementing the platform, which saves you the technical difficulties and hassles that come with setting up a new system.

Customizable and Flexible

ServiceNow has been crafted specially for big companies, providing endurance and flexibility. Whatever your organization might need, ServiceNow could fulfill most of them. The platform is entirely customizable to suit your requirements, and Xforia can assist in finding the best solution for you.


Since it’s a cloud-based platform, ServiceNow doesn’t need any of those cumbersome hardware setups. You don’t need to maintain servers and dwell into complicated wire connections. Other services may crack under the immense IT stresses, but since ServiceNow has been inherently designed for the cloud, you won’t encounter any flaws in the service.

HR Solutions

Human resource operations are crucial to any organization and ServiceNow implementation for HR service management ensures ideal solutions. Training, development, benefits, recruitment, and employee relations affect the working of your company and improving the employee experience is ServiceNow’s primary goal.

ATF Feature

An Automated Testing Framework present validation tests that allow you to quickly produce applications without added risks. ATF prioritizes functionality and eliminates the need for alternate testing methods, saving you loads of time and effort in the testing process.

The CAB Workbench

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench allows the CAB Manager to handle the scheduling and planning through CAB meeting automation. The workbench lets you eliminate all calendars and the related tools for meeting management.


These top ten features of ServiceNow will allow your company’s service management processes to thrive. Not only is ServiceNow easy, fast, and convenient, its implementation provides benefits from a diverse range of fields including information technology, human resources, and security. ServiceNow has a lot of potential in the technology and automation industry and can transform and upgrade the working of your entire company.