Bala Krishnan (BK)

Bala Krishnan (BK)

Senior Vice President & Chief Recruitment Officer

Bala Krishnan (BK) is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the global staffing industry. Serving as the Chief Recruitment Officer and Senior Vice President at Xforia, BK excels in recruitment, client services, business development, client delivery, and operations.

His expertise in business development drives the acquisition of new clients while fostering strong relationships with existing ones. BK's leadership extends to strategic planning, budget management, team building, and policy development. With a focus on talent acquisition, he leads successful teams of sales and recruiting professionals.

BK is recognized for his problem-solving abilities, resourcefulness, and attention to detail. He thrives under deadline pressure, prioritizing tasks efficiently. His collaborative approach enables effective cross-functional teamwork.

Specializing in market research, business development, recruitment, and operations, BK is a valuable asset to Xforia, positioning him as a trusted leader in the industry.