Giri Muthukrishnan

Giri Muthukrishnan

Chief Information Officer

Giri Muthukrishnan is a distinguished global business leader with extensive expertise in digital operations, business transformation, and technology innovation. He has successfully spearheaded strategic initiatives at renowned organizations, including the US Federal Reserve, JPMorgan Chase, BNY Mellon, and IBM.

Specializing in orchestrating complex transformation solutions, Giri has made significant contributions across various sectors, including financial services, retail, insurance, risk management, and the public sector. His leadership is marked by exceptional emotional intelligence, a talent for fostering executive partnerships, and the ability to inspire diverse global teams.

With a robust background in client advisory, modernization strategy, disruptive innovation, greenfield solutions building global teams, and continuous improvement, Giri has achieved notable career milestones. These include securing multi-million-dollar deals, leading DevOps-based digital transformations, and enhancing customer value.

Organizations seeking a proven leader in global transformational initiatives, operational excellence, and product management are encouraged to connect with Giri Muthukrishnan for potential collaboration opportunities.