Ravi Shankar Kathirvelu

Ravi Shankar Kathirvelu

Chief Business Officer

Ravi Shankar Kathirvelu, a seasoned executive, serves as the Chief Business Officer, driving growth and business development initiatives across diverse verticals and global markets within IT and Technology services. He offers strategic guidance as an Advisor for Cyber Security Startup and as an investment advisor.

In his capacity as Director of Engineering Sales & Services, Ravi leads transformative efforts, enabling Network & 5G Transformation, Private LTE, IoT integration, Smart City initiatives, hybrid cloud solutions, and Multi-access-Edge compute for various service providers and enterprises.

As a Senior Product Line Manager, Ravi has overseen core routing product lines, generating over half a billion in revenue. Renowned for his visionary leadership, he drives product innovation, segmentation, and positioning strategies. He collaborates closely with Cloud, Enterprise, and Service provider customers for products & solutions engineering, contributing to pricing, GTM strategies, forecasting, QBR, business intelligence, and analytics. Skilled in managing teams across diverse geographies, Ravi brings strong cross-cultural skills and dynamic leadership to his roles.

Ravi's specialties encompass Sales, Strategy, Business Development, Product Management, Software Management, Firmware development, Platform Software, Kernel development, Business Analytics, Pricing, Embedded Systems, Networking, Telecom, BSP, Drivers, Ethernet & IP stacks, and Broadcom switches.