AI Grading System: Will it work?

Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.
Sebastian Thrun

The tech gurus and pundits have envisaged the far reaching changes that could be brought about by embedding artificial intelligence in our daily lives and its potential impact. Their prognosis has come true whereby Artificial Intelligence is gate crashing into the annals of schools and colleges for determining the grades of students.

The archaic methods of manual grading consumes a lot of time for evaluation and grading of students in schools and colleges.The usage of AI in grading comes with a bouquet of benefits that can be leveraged in positive ways towards enhancing the quality of grading in the education system.

The quantum of manual efforts by the teachers would be reduced significantly, thanks to the automated grading through AI. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the role of teachers would undergo a transformation and they would need to facilitate and motivate the students for better understanding and enhanced performance.

The AI Software enables Machine learning co-ordinated with human understanding has simplified the grading system in schools and colleges, by enhancing the accuracy and improving the Turnaround Time for assessments and grading.

The paper grader in AI helps to imitate the grading methodology carried out by humans through machine learning. The paper grader is capable of refreshing the syntax based on the grading settings provided by the humans. This helps in continuous learning and staying updated with the recent changes in patterns of data sets.

Often bulk assessments come with shorter timelines. AI can be deployed in such areas for reducing the manual work and delivering efficient output. Also there are various competitive exams held at state and university levels. Automated grading through AI can be implemented in such assessments where there is a set pattern of questions and there is a need to publish the results within the stipulated time for Onboarding new candidates. This process would ensure that the grading system is transparent without any scope for manipulation of results through external intervention.

AI also leverages on Optical Character Recognition capability to review manuscripts, research papers etc for assessment and grading. Breaking linguistic barriers, AI contains advanced multilingual software that can review papers in different languages without compromising on quality.

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