Cultivating a Growth Mindset: What It Means During This Pandemic

You must have a level of discontent to feel the urge to want to grow.
Idowu Koyenikan

The business leaders of the future need to defenestrate the fixed mindset and foster a culture of growth mindset to remain competitive and successful. Fixed mindset is disruptive in nature that can lead people into a quagmire of emotional basket cases.

Here are some of the ways by which leaders can leverage on a crisis situation and evolve themselves into a growth mindset resulting in business growth.

Accepting and embracing change is one of the first steps towards a growth mindset that would unlock the hidden potential to resolve problems and handle challenges with a clear vision and direction. The modern business leaders need to develop this capability for change management and problem solving.

Through self-awareness, leaders would be able to regulate and control the disruptive behaviour resulting in deepening the trust and building positive engagements with the team. This would help create a well engaged team geared up for delivering enhanced productivity and efficiency. Leaders would need to gauge their emotions with maturity for effective decision making.

It is quite common to make mistakes, but it is imperative that leaders learn from their mistakes quickly. This key attribute would enable leaders to hone their skills and overcome the challenges during crisis situations. Leaders need to motivate their teams to re-evaluate and push their limits through a process of continuous learning and innovation.

Leaders would need to value the process of executional excellence rather than staying result focused. The leaders need to ensure that their teams scale up the path of execution with accountability through collaborative efforts resulting in better business outcomes.

Fruition of all the efforts and diligence could face the test of time during crisis situations. Hence leaders would need to instil confidence in their teams for sticking their neck out during uncertainty. It is needless to say that patience is a virtue and it pays rich dividends over time. Hence the think tank needs to build this quality in their teams to reap the benefits of their toil and tenacity.

Leaders need to develop and demonstrate a quality of agile leadership that would empower their teams to achieve the desired business outcomes. They would need to build a collaborative approach and resolve their challenges faced with a strategic plan. In a volatile business environment, leaders would be required to be flexible in their approach and be ready for adapting to change.

We at Xforia Technologies are well equipped to handle any crisis situation with a growth mindset. We have a highly motivated and well engaged team capable of relentless execution despite all odds.