Sustainability Trends that will define work in 2021 and beyond

You can’t delegate digital transformation for your company. You and your executives have to own it! Executives need to engage, embrace and adopt new ways of working with the latest and emerging technologies.
Barry Ross

Covid19 has redefined the landscape of the digital workforce and employers are constantly reinventing themselves to cater to the needs of new ways of working. Let’s look at some of the emerging trends that would shape work in 2021 and beyond.

Work Environment
Employers need to handle employee experience with empathy to demonstrate that they care for their employees holistically. This would create a positive and transparent work environment where employees would be able to opine themselves whenever they face challenges in personal and work life.

Social issues
Employees are also reaching out to their employers for their active involvement and response towards social issues faced during current times. Employers need to closely interact with their workforce and keep a tab on such issues that would dent the employee morale.

Emotional connection with the employees would be needed to know the pulse of the teams and come up with proactive solutions that would keep the workforce committed and stay motivated.

Employers need to be aware of any unconscious bias that would widen the gender divide resulting in attrition and poor output. Employers need to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion to enable fair and free work ethos that would boost employee morale for enhanced productivity.

Empowering employees in the new normal would motivate them and develop a sense of belonging resulting in unleashing and decentralisation of power with reduced control and monitoring. Remote working also provides a lot of flexibility for the workforce to work in different time zones depending upon business requirements and eliminates the need for physical presence through digital enablement and connectivity.

Health and Safety
The rising concerns over health and safety has goaded the employers to carry out the vaccination of employees that could delay the process of returning to work from the office locations. The social determinants of health and wellbeing are prioritised by employers to allay the fears of job loss resulting in depression and anxieties. In order to reduce the mental anxiety and stress due to social isolation companies are providing support and assistance to their workforce through mental health care therapies and programmes for creating a healthy work life balance.

Due to the dynamic requirements of the challenging workplace and shortage of skills companies have leveraged contractual hiring for short term requirements that would help in tiding over any talent deficit and reducing the time needed to up-skill the existing workforce. Companies are prepared to pay a premium for hiring the right talent that has the skills for the future. In a bid towards attracting the right talent employers are willing to go the extra mile and provide relocation benefits and incentives.

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