The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment & Staffing Service

For us as HR leaders, AI will change every process we touch. The way we source, assess, hire, train, develop, pay and move people is all being informed by AI

AI is ready to revolutionize many industries in the future, and adoption is no exception. Artificial Intelligence focuses on the staffing industry. More and more companies are using AI solutions to accelerate processes and reduce hits and mistakes. Here we emphasize some areas of staffing where Artificial intelligence can be used to delegate recruiters and look for the best candidates for an institute or position.

Passive Candidate Sourcing and Reactivation through AI for Staffing
Leading agencies around the world use AI staffing technology to select reactive candidates. Like them, databases have millions of passive candidates, but much of the information is outdated and irrelevant. Including all of them is impossible to recruit a team. AI can help by expanding recruitment activities. Conversational AI can reactivate profiles in the database and attract the best candidates to open roles. They rehabilitated 90% of the candidate’s evidence and reactivated 14.5% of the viewers into vigorous candidates. Accessing and updating passive databases using conversational AI is a great way to build a talent pipeline for open roles.

Recruitment Process Automation
On average, if a candidate applies through your website, it will take 7-10 days for the recruiting team to get in touch and get involved. With Conversational AI Deployment Process Automation (RPA), this number can be reduced to seconds. With RPA, you can get qualified candidates faster than your competitors. The CAI is placed in the direct apply path. Once the application is complete, CAI will contact the candidate either by text message, web chat, or email. The use of CAI RPA is very effective. Deploying RPA capacity using conversational AI can significantly improve the revenue and allocation rates generated from inbound applicants.

Interview Scheduling & Coordination
A survey of 200 recruitment specialists in staffing space reports that 60% of recruiters regularly lose candidates before scheduling an interview. Conversational AI for staffing manages all interview schedules and management for staffing teams. After the screening conversation is over, the AI moves eligible candidates to the interview schedule time. Then connect directly to the recruiter’s calendar to create an appointment. Candidates sometimes need to change their schedule. All candidates have to enter text in AI and handle everything else in the backend. This is a fully hands-on approach to recruiting team interview schedules. Not just AI. It also assists in coordination. It’s literally like hiring an assistant for each recruiter, and there’s no doubt that it’s always supporting one or 100,000 candidates simultaneously. So, the team reduced interview times by 79%. With conversational AI, you have fewer candidates to lose.

Transform your Staffing Agency with Conversational AI for Staffing
Most staffing agencies use AI for staffing to select candidates that are more efficient and meet all criteria. As a result, customers have noticed a four-fold increase in placement rates after adopting and scaling conversational AI. AI not only hires staff, but is loved by candidates. In addition to AI use cases, there are many business reasons to not only adopt AI for staffing, but also to build strong positive rewards and position it as a key light for staffing agencies. . AI will support the growth of staffing agencies through more efficient processes. If you know the benefits of AI, but are worried about the performance challenges of deploying AI, know that it’s fairly easy to implement and scale.

AI helps distinguish temporary staffing companies from competitors in several ways. It can create a more positive and effective employee experience for candidates. That is, candidates want to continue working for your company more than any other company. This allows you to create larger placements faster and helps your business grow. Finally, it opens the door to more effective recruiting teams and better relationships with clients and candidates.

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