Working from Home and staying Motivated!

Create a calm, not fancy, but neat work corner to stay relaxed and productive
Dr. Tasha

Need of the hour
We, humans, are accustomed to a particular schedule in some way or the other. The working community especially has its own hectic schedules to follow. They are used to working throughout the year, many of them also keep themselves busy even on weekends. Working people’s schedules are best utilized when they are in an environment that supports their vision and mission. But in the present situation, where the world is gripped with a dangerous pandemic situation, one of the major sectors who have to change their routine is the working class.

Changing lifestyle
According to “The Guardian” daily, the world’s total working population is close to 65%. This includes regular office goers, labor force, part-time workers, and other types of the workforce in the world. Though the essential workforce pattern hasn’t changed much due to the current situation, most of the government and private sectors are forced to adapt to Working from Home. Many people who are used to comfy and the uninterrupted working environment are now working from their home confinements. Many opportunities have been created for the workforce to adapt and fit into this new pattern.

Coping up with changes and bringing out the best in you
While there are many changes in how people work, there are many positives, this pattern has brought among employed people. According to CRN, 74% of the population in TEXAS is already working from home and may continue to work from home even post-pandemic.
The employees and employers are positive about this new arrangement. While digital advancement has bridged most of the gaps in communication through voice calls, video conferencing, emails, and many advanced techniques one finds it easy to work from home now than it was a decade before. People are now able to focus on their work and also be productive.

Addressing common problems while working from home
While initially, people had issues in working from home, as they were unable to differentiate between their personal and professional life, now people have practiced the art of balancing both. There are many job opportunities created by many hiring organizations and Creative staffing services and solutions Texas is one of the leading service providers. Few solutions to address while working from home are relaxed, create space for both professional and personal life, try continuing your hobbies daily and stick to the schedule as they leave for work. This will bring in some ethics and alignment and helps to cope up with balancing both professional and personal lives.

Thus, while it is understandable that work from home is beneficial, we also need to concentrate and alleviate the pain points so we can enjoy the benefits and our time to the fullest. Since this pattern might even continue for a longer time, it is required to understand what work and our non-work life demands and work out our schedules accordingly.