Solopreneurship: Why millennials are embracing it

You have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate.
Jeff Bezos

Millennials are priming with new ways of working & solopreneurship provides a wide range of options for the millennials to assess and embrace them into their mode of operations.

With the advent of social media and digital revolution, working solo gives an opportunity to manage and oversee the operations end to end. Millennials do run the risk of failure in this journey. However the sense of pride and achievement in being a successful solopreneur give the millennials a rewarding experience.

Millennials value their autonomy profoundly and this is one of the advantages of being a solopreneur. Despite working along most of the time, there is also a need for the solopreneurs to connect with their stakeholders and collaborate with them effectively to achieve the desired outcome. They are passionate about their work and set high standards for themselves for making significant contributions that will have a lasting impact in their work space.

It’s not all about work and no play!!! Millennials revere their work life balance and wish to have a flexibility of work schedule. Solopreneurship provides the necessary time and space needed to spend quality time with their kith and kin. They are capable of multi-tasking & decide on their work schedule to manage their workload better.

Being a side hustle gives the millennials an opportunity to upskill themselves with
latest skill sets in emerging technologies. This enables the millennials to earn additional income while carrying out their work independently.

Solopreneurship helps millennials to pursue their passion & interests and break away from the grind of monotony. This helps the millennials take up jobs which are creative, tech savvy and out of the box. The technological advancement and innovation has led to the advent of a new clan of independent workforce who play a critical part in the development of an independent economy.

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